The Best of Coffee on The Internet

It’s January and we’ve got coffee on our minds! Shocker, right? Since the CUPS social media accounts can’t post things 24/7, here are some of our favorite social media accounts to give you that coffee content fix.

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We want to sit down with Denny’s tweeter. Where does this dry, cold wit come from? Love it.


When you want to know what’s up in coffee tastings, production, and farming, Counter Culture’s twitter has the hook up.


As 2007 World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann is very qualified to tell you what’s going on in the coffee world. His blog and videos will keep you entertained.


As the strongest coffee in the world, Death Wish Coffee is sure to keep you up laughing all night long with their silly one-liners.


You’ve probably heard of Bulletproof’s butter coffee and its ability to help you focus. We love their Twitter for witty diagrams as well as useful coffee and nutrition facts!



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Shameless self-plug alert! But seriously, we’re kind of obsessed with coffee, and we post lots of pretty pictures too.


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Mouth watering goodness. Plus, we love learning about new shops from Coffee Explosions!


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Sam & Melissa of Coffee Meets Tea are a super cute married couple that post gorgeous shots of NYC’s coffee shops, plus the coffee and tea they make at home.


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This magazine dedicated to coffee has beautiful photos, and features coffee shops around the globe. Count us in.


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Featuring user submissions, PodCult’s Insta pics are likely to make you immediately run to get a cup of joe.


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Beautiful coffee plus trendy clothes…what more could we want?


A post shared by (@coffeecupsoftheworld) on

A simple white cup can be ok, but design is always nice too. We love these cups from all around the world!


A post shared by (@communalcoffee) on

As if coffee wasn’t enough, this beautiful San Diego spot also sell flowers, making for the loveliest of Instagram feeds.


A post shared by (@thecoffeetographer) on

She’s witty, takes nice photos, and has a lot of interesting things to say about coffee. We’re digging it.



Kids eating and drinking things from around the world. Hilarious. We’re kind of obsessed with the one where they try coffee.


Lots of useful information about coffee, how it’s made, and where it comes from.


Ever want to learn to make latte art? We know just the spot. Coffee Fusion’s videos are as informative as they are mesmerizing.

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